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NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg encourages Sweden & Finland to join NATO; Germany's Federal President Steinmeier holds out the prospect of Germany's support. Does this development serve to secure peace?
· Yes, only the strongest possible NATO can defend o
· I don't know; peace prevailed in Switzerland, Aust
· NATO expansion has long shown offensive rather tha
· More suitable as a trigger for a Third World War,
April 17, 2022
Oliver Twist 
nato is a derivative of the tavistock institute for human relations, which in turn is a derivative of wellington house. wellington house is no more, but it was infamous for heinous war propaganda that turned ww1 into a meat grinder.
Whites are in no shape to engage in wars against themselves. We should be buying land, expanding legally, breeding profusely, and holding on. Our governments are controlled by World Jewry, we should not take any actions to strengthen them. The Jews feed off our contributions to their system. Stop being their golems.
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