❗️Serbia's Capital City, Belgrade, Continues to be Targeted by Ongoing Mass Bomb Threats❗️

The scale of these mass bomb threats is unprecedented in a European country in the 21st century, and people have been asking the question of "Why Serbia?" While the answers remain uncertain, the Balkan nation's government and people have made their own suggestions, with the main theory being that Serbia is being hindered and threatened by cyberattackers and representatives from Western powers, such as the EU and NATO. This theory has been reinforced following other bomb threats made against AirSerbia flights to Russia and even the Russian Embassy itself in Belgrade.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has put Serbia in a very difficult situation, as the people of the country are overwhelmingly supportive of Russia (the invasion itself garnering more mixed reactions) and the government's stern refusal to impose any sanctions on Russia has been met with resentment from the West. Bearing in mind Serbia's desire to remain fully neutral, with these bomb threats and cyberattacks against the country, if they are indeed traced back to Western agents, then it adds credibility to the words of Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin that "certain powers" are attempting to hinder Serbia's political and policy-making independence.

In short, the consensus so far in Serbia is this - if these threats have indeed come from the West - specifically the EU and NATO - then it becomes ever clearer that the ruling Western powers continue to act under the same principles that they have followed for years - "You are either with us or against us." Even neutrality does not seem to be an acceptable option.


May 17, 2022
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Do you support the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Serbia has no way out. Neutrality is the best position for her in this situation. But those who started it all and continue, will not leave Serbia, Ukraine and Russia alone. They need to kill as many Slavic-Aryans as possible in a fratricidal war (massacre).
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