We are launching the AppMaster.io Beta program, within which we give developers access to the beta version of the AppMaster.io platform completely free of charge without any functionality restrictions.

AppMaster.io Beta is a pilot version of the platform that contains the latest and often under-tested functionality with many changes. This is a great opportunity to understand the no-code platform and see if it is suitable for your project, as well as work in beta mode.

What to expect if you participate:

- Work with the newest features, before they are officially released

- Up to 20 platform updates per day

- Collected and published projects work almost as stable as on production

- Up to 20 projects per account, including mobile applications and everything else that works (and doesn't work either)

- Fair-usage policy for all beta accounts - no spam, no brute-force, etc.

- It will be necessary to report the errors encountered

- Unlimited term of use.

November 22, 2021
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